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Hezron Chetty is an alternative violinist, songwriter and music producer . His music has been described as powerfully emotive and is a multi-genre mix such as;  World, Jazz, Rock and Psych and Electro music.

Hezron began his studies with the classical ABRSM method before studying a Diploma in Jazz at Durban University of Technology.

Always questioning why the violin should only fall into a specific genre of classical or jazz, Hezron began to work with other alternative acts to increase his ability and skills to accompany various artists in music genres like Folk, Electronic, Rock, Pop, Psychedelic and Blues music.

It was in the thriving music scene of London where he spent five years performing with local bands and touring Great Britain and Spain that he became a recording artist.


Hezron began to push the musical boundaries that are generally imposed on the violin and he learnt many new techniques. He began practicing and performing relentlessly, performing with any bands that were looking for a violinist to join them. In 2015, Hezron released his debut solo album The Fallacy of Composition and went onto release Dream Sound (2019) and Heads Or Tails (2020).

Hezron performs globally and has supported acclaimed acts like, Incubus, Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy), Jocelyn Brown (Incognito), Finley Quaye, Paco Sery (Jaco Pastorius, Joe Zawinul) and Vieux Farka Touré (Son of Ali Farka Touré). 

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